Bhadrak Women’s College , Bhadrak laid the foundation stone of Higher Education for women of the district of Bhadrak in 1980.Materialising the dream and the long-cherished hope of the people of Bhadrak it stood at the bank of river Salandi repeating the history and reminding us that all civilizations grow at the river-bank.

The idea of have on institution of Higher Education for girls might be conceived in the mind of the renowned Educationist Late Narendra Prasad Das, but it came to the forefront bt the then Representative of the people of Bhadrak, Hon’ble Ex-Minister Mr.Jugal Kishore Pattnaik,who ultimately became one of the patrons of the same.With other eminent personalities of the soil like Late Chintamani Mohanty,Advocate, Late Devananda Mohapatra,Advocate,Mr Jatindra Mohan Mohanty,Mr Sachidananda Mohanty, Advocate and the then S.D.O, Bhadrak the first committee was formed and initially the College functioned in the premises of Govt. Girls’High School,Bhadrak

On 26.09.1980,taking 23 students in I.A. class, six members of the Teaching and two of the Non-teaching staff.It was the first women’s college in the district of Bhadrak, showing the path and light for others to follow.

The place was chosen as the middle part of PurunaBazar and Kachery Bazar, keeping in view of the development of women of the minority community and to have a fratemal relation among the people of Bhadrak. It was also convenient for the girls from both the directions to come. The foundation stone for the own building of the college was laid on by the then Chief Minister Mr J.B.Pattnaik.

There was no such common way for the arrangement of funds for the same rather to involve the common man it was decided to collect 10 paisa from each who are visiting the cinema and Re.1.00 per registration of land from the office of the Sub Register, Bhadrak. Even the staff members were donating Rs 50 p.m. out of their salary.

The sincerity of the committee members, the tireless effort of the staff and the inspiration of the people could hasten the work so much that the first and the main building could be completed in exactly just one year and it was inaugurated by the then Governor Late C.M. Poonacha on Dt 20.4.82.

The captain of the ship Mr J.K. Pattnaik waded through all the hazards and the inspiration of all has protected it from the shadow of problems. With the donation of Mr Manoj Saraf,E.D.,factor, Bhadrak, the Science Block could see the light of the day. With the flow of time the main building became encircled with a lot…. Hostels, Lab, Library, Auditorium, Principal-quarters, Canteen, plants, trees and even the boundary.

From the bald, barren unused land it has been transformed into a lush-green, floral campus Raising its head aloft it stands as the light house to iradicate the darkness of ignorance. Since 1980,it is gradually flourishing moving from the plant to the tree having so many branches like B.A,+2,+3,Arts and Science classes. The stududents are achieving in many-fold not only academically but also in Art and culture, Games and sports, Quiz and contest each time adding a feather to its glory.

Now the college is affiliated to CHSE, Orissa and F.M. University, Balasore for+2 and +3 Arts and Sciences classes respectively