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    The College Crest:


    The college crest is the concretization of the Abstract of the insitution. It consists for the part of a river, a Burning Lamp at the middle, a tree at the left Jhoti on the right side and inscription from Shreemad Bhagbat Geeta ‘kirti-hi Shreebak Cha Narinang, Smruti Medha Dhruti Ksham’

    The River Salandi flows on three sides of the college freshening its atmosphere and stands as the symbol of purity. The waves symbolises the ebb and flow…the up’s and ‘down’ one has to face one's journey like pleasure and pain of human life.

    The Burning Lamp at the center symbolizes the eternal light to eradicate the encircling gloom….the darkness of ignorance of the territory.

    The Tree at the left side symbolises its sylvan setting and the main source of vitality of life. Its root touches the soil and the top is open to the vastness of the sky.

    The mark of JHOTI at the right brings forth the culture of Odisha and also our nativity. It gives hints about the artistic temperament of our girls and the would be caring women in future. It reminds the most auspicious Thursday in the month of ‘Magusira’ which is the sign of fertility, prolificity and the much awaited day in the coastal belt.

    The inscription from the holy Shreemad Bhagabad Geeta ‘Keerti-hi Shreebak Cha Narinang, Smrutimedha Dhruti Ksham’serves the mantle of the Crest. The credit of the women the wealth of Nari is her achievement. Glory is her beauty. The speech of her….the memory …the wisdom…the patience…the power to excuse-not the one but they all in one is the beauty of women.



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