Principal - TirthaBasi Das

“Bhadrak Womens's College,Bhadrak, the long cherished urges and aspirations of the people of Bhadrak was established in 1980 with a noble objective of imparting quality and excellence in the field of higher education to the women students . The college in its endeavour to preserve, protect and promote the glorious academic excellence in the area has been galloping towards perfection in all spheres of activities like standard of teaching,learning and other support systems inspite of infrastructural and resource constraints
                “I have the pleasure to present herewith the SELF-STUDY RPORT in respect of Bhadrak Women's college Bhadrak for submission to the National Assessment and Accrediation Council I Sincerely cherish thst this report would, no doubt, enable the Honourable Peer Team of the NAAC to assess this institution favourably.I Would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to the memebers of the colege for their unstinted endeavour in the preparation of the Self-Study Report.